Sometimes you just have to write things out… (or in the words of Monty Python – Life’s a pile of Shit)

Well this week has been a bit crap.

Disappointingly it’s only Monday.

But I get this sometimes when I sink into self pity and a general mire of ‘woe’ because one or two things happen which push things slightly over the precipice of complete shitness.

Don’t worry I will be fine – I always am – but it’s times like these that I have to take a deep breath and refocus.

You may have similar moments where things are simply ‘unfair’ it feels like everywhere you turn someone or something is out to get you.

What I want to do is stamp my feet, shout, scream, be HEARD, tell everyone this is UNFAIR!

I really, really want to do this, but I know that I can’t.

You see there are so many people worse off than me, it makes me feel like a petulant child. Except I’m not. I’m an intelligent, grown woman.

It’s a constant battle to take that deep breath, to count my blessings (I used to hate it when people told me that, what do they know about what I’ve gone through!!) but it does help.

Yes things aren’t always easy, but I’ve never gone hungry and it’s been many years since I was without a roof over my head – and in fairness that was only for a few days because I was too proud to go home.

So what is my problem?????

The answer is: I keep on picking myself up, and picking myself up, and picking myself up and it’s getting tiring… no jokes about weight here!

Sometimes it’s tough when from the outside and at base level I have nothing to complain about.

Except I FEEL broken.

I am blessed with so many talents which I love to share but I’m always on the outside, totally my own fault as I don’t feel comfortable around people, I know they don’t bite (well mostly) and I’m a naturally outgoing person on my outgoing side…

I’m totally rambling now!!

Deep breath.

The best thing I can do is take care of myself, take time to breathe…

I’m going to recognise the things I can’t change and write them down, put them in an envelope marked ‘later’ and file them. (It may be a large envelope)

Next i’m going to phone my kids to tell them how proud I am of them – again don’t worry this is me making sure my wonderful children know that they are valued not a suicide call!!!!

I’m then going to walk my gorgeous dog and take note of the things around me, the way the light catches on the ocean, the shapes the shadows from the trees make… I love nature it is so beautiful and asks for nothing in return.

I’m going to prioritise time with my wonderful husband – he may not appreciate this but it’s happening anyway!

Then I am going to paint (I admit I love painting and there’s an unashamed link to my art website on my painting!),


and create things that I can give to others…

Recharge my soul for a day or two.

Pick myself up.

Assess my situation and if there’s something I don’t like, take measured steps to change it, whilst acknowledging that change doesn’t happen overnight. I’m not naturally patient so this is the difficult bit.

Step one…


The sun will set, the moon will shine and the sun will rise again.

In more words of Monty Python…

Always look on the Bright Side of Life, de do dedo dedo dedo

Exciting Stuff

Poo bags

Ok I know it’s been a while since I last blogged… it’s been a funny few months, lots going on, some expected – some not so. 

In my head I’ve written at least 30 blogs, three of which had potential and I’m writing this one – it’s probably one of the 27…

I would like to point out that we absolutely ADORE our little puppy (well she’s nearly one now so not so little anymore!) she’s a Lhasa Apso and my husband and I got her for a number of reasons, (I did say to my wonderful husband when we first got together that if I ever ask for a puppy he should be strong and say ‘no’. He lasted nearly two years – I’m very proud of him!!) however there is an issue… POO BAGS!

One of the reasons we got our gorgeous pup was to get us out and walking, we love walking but when you’re in a new place (half way across the world from your normal social group!) and you’re busy at work it’s way too easy just to come home, close the door, open the wine and not go anywhere – there’s no-one dragging you out and you don’t know where to go as you’ve very little local knowledge.

Don’t worry we do still open the wine but once we’re back from a stroll!!

And so little Nya came into our home – to be fair she chose us. She’s called Nya as my mum was concerned we would be tying ourselves down with a dog and so felt if we needed a pet we should get a goldfish… Nya is tibetian for Fish (there are several Tibetan words for Fish – in our opinion Nya is the prettiest) and she is gold… I know I know, I promise that one day I will grow up, maybe…

However there is a downside to this, and I’m not sure if anyone else has the same issue, but why is it that you get to your choice of walk, you walk around a bit to get your little ones ‘moving’ before you head out – this is also when my wonderful husband has a vape, as I’m a mean wife and have asked him to vape at the beginning and end of the walk rather than on it so that we can hold hands etc. and I don’t get wafted by a cherry infused cloud, this is far better than smoke but as a non smoker I prefer to smell flowers. 

I’m procrastinating and wandering off on a completely different subject!

The point being that inevitably ‘nothing happens’ during this little preamble and so we head out on our walk, whereupon little Nya will proceed to poop at the absolute perfect time – just far enough in that it’s too far to turn back to the car park to put the poo bag in the bin so you carry it with you – for the next hour…

This in itself is probably fine, everyone who has a dog does it, right? 

My issue is not with carrying said poo bag – in fact when it’s really cold it can act as an environmentally friendly hand warmer… we’ve all done it!!

My issue is if, like me, you wear glasses and you’re acting on impulse you regularly have to push your glasses up your nose… remember how I like to smell the flowers? Poo bags are very aromatic as they bounce delicately off the end of your nose…

So for the last 9 months this has been the downside of going walking… until today!!!

And I have no idea why it has taken me this long, I do wonder what I could achieve if I actually used my brain, imagine my surprise when I thought to myself – why don’t I just tie this poo bag to the strap of my handbag?

Flipping obvious really!

Meanwhile our litltle rock climbing pup tires herself out looking too cute to possibly cause this much trouble!

Although I am pretty sure she knows exactly what she’s doing…